Kodiak acquires Aztech

CINCINNATI, March 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Kodiak strengthens its position as a leading process fluid provider through the acquisition of Aztech Lubricants, expanding their product portfolio to powdered chemicals.

Kodiak is a leading supplier of chemicals for the steel, automotive, energy, and aerospace industries, and the acquisition of Aztech Lubricants solidifies their position in the specialty chemical space. Kodiak has ramped up their manufacturing and distribution capabilities to supply a growing customer base in niche markets around the world. Their product portfolio of fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, rolling oils, metalworking fluids, corrosion inhibitors, and polymeric resins will now include powder-based chemicals for a variety of industrial applications including wire drawing.

With their recent acquisition of Cincinnati based Coolant Control Inc. and Vulcan Oil in the first quarter '23, and their acquisition of Aztech Lubricants this quarter, Kodiak's product portfolio stands out as one of the most expansive in the global chemical industry. Based in Oklahoma, Aztech Lubricants provides innovative solutions for the wire drawing industry – serving the aerospace, agricultural, tire manufacturing, fasteners, screens, and fencing market segments. The addition of powdered chemical manufacturing to their capabilities, and the increased capacity for oil-based blending, enables Kodiak to supply customers through an all-encompassing product portfolio that fulfills a broad array of needs.

"By acquiring Aztech Lubricants we are continuing to execute our growth strategy – increasing our geographical footprint and manufacturing capabilities, while optimizing delivery timelines," states Laura Dickey, president of Kodiak. "As we continue growing our portfolio of products organically and through acquisitions, our customers around the globe have demonstrated their receptiveness to our capabilities – helping them streamline procurement through consolidation of suppliers."

Kodiak attributes its success to their technical expertise, strength of research and development, and willingness to tailor formulas for specific applications in customer operations. The company's exponential growth over the past three years demonstrates the market's need for a customer centric supplier with superior operational expertise in a broad array of industries. Through the acquisition of Aztech Lubricants, Kodiak continues its growth trajectory providing an alternative to traditional suppliers in the specialty process fluid category.

Contact: Kodiak, +1(513)-471-8770, sales@kodiakchemical.com