Designed and formulated to meet your requirements for the storage and transportation of substrates or equipment, MetalShield provides best-in-class technology to ensure everything arrives at your customer’s doorstep ready for use, without need for reprocessing. Our industry experts will meet with you to discuss the specific requirements of your business and formulate a product that will provide you with the confidence you need. We are committed to protecting your product every step of the way, and understand the investment that goes into top quality manufacturing processes. Learn more about which of our fluids is the best match for your specific needs.

Our philosophy:
Keep working

Superior products keep operations going.
We deliver consistent, high quality products and services so that your operations continue to deliver trouble free.

Our products apply to the following industries:
Primary Metals
Water treatment

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Corrosion inhibitors

Kodiak advantage

Tailored products designed for your industry and application.

Customer centric products

We can develop products to meet the most challenging application requirements to fit the demands of your operation.

Hands-on technical support

Our staff is committed to understanding your process, operation, and business needs. We provide in-person support to make sure we have a full grasp of the challenges you face.

Strong supply

Leveraging solid partnerships, we provide uninterrupted products within reasonable timelines for our customers.
Our Process
Initial Consultation
Understand operational challenges to provide value to your operation.
Site Visit
Survey equipment, monitor application and process to understand root causes.
Product Design
Create unique technology to improve operational efficiency and worker safety to meet customer expectations.
Introduce customized product to fulfill targeted objectives and benefits of collaboration.