Our solutions can improve product performance, streamline manufacturing processes and inspire innovation.

As a leading global specialty chemicals and performance materials company, we are committed to advancing our customers’ businesses in the transportation, infrastructure, environment and consumer industries.

Primary metals

Comprehensive product portfolio specifically integrated to address the unique needs of the primary metals industry. Our products are versatile and are tailored for individual applications.


A robust specialty product portfolio engineered to address the most challenging conditions and applications in the industry, ranging from hydraulic fluids, to ground control adhesives and dust suppressants.


Extensive portfolio of innovative onshore and offshore technologies for the energy and
petroleum sector that solve tough completions and stimulation challenges, increase production and greatly minimize liabilities.


State of the art technologies designed for civil applications tailored for the unique challenges of your project. We transfer the most advanced technologies utilized in the mining industry for ground control and water stoppage.

Water treatment

Our broad portfolio of proprietary technologies solve tough challenges in water treatment including sulfate scales (barium and more), corrosion, pH adjustment and microbial activity.

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Our Process
Initial Consultation
Understand operational challenges to provide value to your operation.
Site Visit
Survey equipment, monitor application and process to understand root causes.
Product Design
Create unique technology to improve operational efficiency and worker safety to meet customer expectations.
Introduce customized product to fulfill targeted objectives and benefits of collaboration.