About Kodiak

We are a leading global chemical company providing specialty process fluids to improve the profitability and safety of  industrial operations.

What we do

We are a specialty chemical company focused on engineering products for the steel, mining, energy, water treatment, and construction industries.
The depth of experience from 80+ chemists with different specialities.

How we do it

At Kodiak we understand process and operations first, transferring our knowledge to product development. We are pioneers in developing cost effective, state-of-the-art technologies that are ahead of  mainstream solutions offered by traditional suppliers.

Our team of industry leaders provides customers with a profound pool of knowledge, which results from many years of experience in the field.

Our goal is to understand your individual business and operational challenges in order to recommend a product strategy that will facilitate longterm success.

Why we do it

We know we can deliver products that enhance profitability while protecting workers, meeting delivery timelines, and minimizing environmental impact.
We can develop products to meet the most challenging application requirements to fit the demands of your operation.

Kodiak Commitment

Our Process
Initial Consultation
Understand operational challenges to provide value to your operation.
Site Visit
Survey equipment, monitor application and process to understand root causes.
Product Design
Create unique technology to improve operational efficiency and worker safety to meet customer expectations.
Introduce customized product to fulfill targeted objectives and benefits of collaboration.

Minority Owned

Woman Owned

Veteran Owned

Diverse at our core.

Our unique problem solving culture stems from the different backgrounds and perspectives offered by the people who stand behind the Kodiak name. We are integrated by a unique team with a wealth of global experience and multicultural backgrounds.

Kodiak advantage

Tailored products designed for your industry and application.

Customer centric products

We can develop products to meet the most challenging application requirements to fit the demands of your operation.

Hands-on technical support

Our staff is committed to understanding your process, operation, and business needs. We provide in-person support to make sure we have a full grasp of the challenges you face.

Strong supply

Leveraging solid partnerships, we provide uninterrupted products within reasonable timelines for our customers.

Talk to a Kodiak expert

For technical support and advice on choosing the right product